Redesigning Democracy at the New Europe City Makers Pre-Summit

5 Februari 2016 | 13:15 uur | Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

Door: Tabo Goudswaard

Who owns the City: Let’s redesign democracy!

Due to shifting responsibilities in the city making process, classic democratic structures are no longer necessarily the most adequate or most democratic. New ownership is created by bottom-up initiatives in the public domain. The big question is if this transition should be followed by new democratic processes and rules. Is it time for a new Social Contract between citizens and government? What would that look like on local, national and international level? What are the differences between the European cities and countries in how politicians, active citizens and other stakeholders are dealing with new structures of cooperation in the city making process? Who owns the city and which strategies will we develop to redesign the democracy?

In this session:

Niesco Dubbelboer
Director Agora Europa, coördinator Meer Democratie
Tabo Goudswaard
Social Designer, Intendant for The Art of Impact
Amalia Zepou
Vice Mayor for Civil Society, Athens